Visco-supplementation is a medical procedure aimed at treating osteoarthritis, particularly in the knee joint. It involves the injection of a thick, gel-like substance called hyaluronic acid directly into the joint space. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring lubricant and shock absorber found in the synovial fluid surrounding joints. In osteoarthritis, this fluid becomes thinner, leading to increased friction and pain during joint movement.

The injected hyaluronic acid in visco-supplementation acts as a lubricant and cushion, improving joint mobility and reducing discomfort. This procedure is often recommended when conventional treatments such as pain medications or physical therapy do not provide sufficient relief. Visco-supplementation aims to alleviate symptoms, enhance joint function, and potentially delay the need for more invasive interventions like joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Pratik Dhabalia, an esteemed orthopedic specialist, implements visco-supplementation with a patient-centric focus, offering advanced care for those grappling with osteoarthritis. Recognizing the impact of joint pain on daily life, Dr. Dhabalia employs his expertise to administer visco-supplementation, a procedure involving the injection of hyaluronic acid into the affected joint.

Dr. Pratik Dhabalia tailors visco-supplementation to the individual needs of each patient, considering factors such as the severity of osteoarthritis and the patient’s overall health. This gel-like substance enhances joint lubrication and provides a cushioning effect, thereby alleviating pain and improving joint function. Dr. Dhabalia’s commitment to comprehensive care extends beyond the procedure, incorporating personalized treatment plans that may include physical therapy and lifestyle recommendations.


What is visco-supplementation?

Visco-supplementation is a medical procedure involving the injection of hyaluronic acid into a joint, particularly used for treating osteoarthritis.

How does hyaluronic acid work in visco-supplementation?

Hyaluronic acid serves as a lubricant and shock absorber in the joint, improving mobility and reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis.

When does Dr. Pratik Dhabalia recommend visco-supplementation?

Dr. Pratik Dhabalia may recommend visco-supplementation for individuals with osteoarthritis, especially when conventional treatments like pain medications and physical therapy are not providing sufficient relief.

How does Dr. Pratik Dhabalia customize visco-supplementation for patients?

Dr. Pratik Dhabalia tailors visco-supplementation based on individual patient factors, such as the severity of osteoarthritis and overall health.

What is the procedure for administering visco-supplementation?

The procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid directly into the affected joint, typically the knee, to enhance lubrication and cushioning.

How quickly can patients expect relief after visco-supplementation?

Relief varies, but patients often experience improved joint function and reduced pain within a few weeks.

Are there potential side effects of visco-supplementation?

Common side effects include temporary pain or swelling at the injection site. Dr. Pratik Dhabalia discusses potential risks with patients before the procedure.

How frequently are visco-supplementation injections administered?

The frequency depends on the patient’s response and the specific product used. Dr. Pratik Dhabalia establishes an appropriate treatment schedule for each individual.

Who is an ideal candidate for visco-supplementation by Dr. Pratik Dhabalia?

Ideal candidates are individuals with osteoarthritis experiencing joint pain and limited mobility. Dr. Pratik Dhabalia evaluates each patient’s suitability based on their unique medical history and condition.