Reconstruction of shoulder

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What is shoulder reconstruction, and when is it recommended?

Shoulder reconstruction is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring function and stability to the shoulder joint. It is often recommended for individuals with conditions such as severe arthritis, rotator cuff tears, or shoulder dislocations that haven’t responded to non-surgical treatments.

Who is a suitable candidate for shoulder reconstruction surgery?

Suitable candidates typically include individuals experiencing chronic shoulder pain, limited range of motion, or instability due to various shoulder conditions. Assessment by an orthopedic surgeon is essential to determine eligibility.

What are the common techniques used in shoulder reconstruction?

Common techniques include arthroscopic procedures, tendon transfers, and joint replacement. The choice depends on the specific shoulder issue and the patient’s individual needs.

How long is the recovery period after shoulder reconstruction surgery?

Recovery times vary but generally range from several weeks to months. Rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy play a crucial role in achieving optimal recovery.

What are the potential risks associated with shoulder reconstruction?

Risks may include infection, bleeding, nerve injury, or an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Dr. Pratik Dhabalia will discuss potential risks and benefits during the preoperative consultation.

How can patients prepare for shoulder reconstruction surgery?

Preoperative preparation involves understanding the procedure, following any pre-surgery guidelines provided by Dr. Pratik Dhabalia, and ensuring a supportive post-operative environment at home.

Will there be visible scars after shoulder reconstruction surgery?

Scarring is inevitable with surgery, but Dr. Pratik Dhabalia employs minimally invasive techniques when possible to minimize scarring. Scars tend to fade over time.

What kind of post-operative care is necessary for successful shoulder reconstruction recovery?

Post-operative care includes adherence to prescribed medications, attending physical therapy sessions, and following activity restrictions as advised by the surgeon.